Ugly Public [single]

by Evil Engine

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Melissa Moor Wow.. I cant even tell you how many bands i hear that i am sure are influences.. you are original.. going places!keep rocking
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This track is an observation of the "ugly public"; the disillusioned, gullible masses that are oversaturated with a shaming media, corporate greed, lies, political corruption, all the while being programmed by their television.

Our singer Kryssie was also recently on Big Brother: Over The top (as our trojan horse), an Orwellian-themed TV show that IS exactly what the song is describing what we need to dismantle.



Behold the ones in front of you, an utter disgrace.
They reflect the population, of the human race:
Stricken by depravity with no remorse;
An expose, of the decay, of our natural course.

A crude regurgitation of misinformation,
Starts the snowballing effect of a mass sensation;
Glossed from the dross, they continue to cross
Over the lines of reality, where facts are lost.

Thrown away; a heritage of cunning and tact,
Replaced with blank space; an intellectual rift.
Extorting those of us, when indulging in their lust,
Of corruption while they hide behind their guises of trust.

Sticky fingers pass the graft under the table,
While they linger, lying to you through a TV cable.
You fall in line by their design, and still, they'll favor,
To demoralize then scrutinize oppressed behavior.

Shunned because you're outside looking in through,
the window alone into the musings of the human zoo!

Chorus 1
(Ugly Public, Ugly Public, Ugly Public)
A mental Masturbation…
(Ugly Public, Ugly Public, Ugly Public)
Synapses hesitation…
(Ugly Public, Ugly Public, Ugly Public)
We’re an ugly nation…
(Ugly Public, Ugly Public, Ugly Public)
On your radio stations…

They sell us a tradition; pass it off as benign,
Aggressive in its nature and chaotic by design.
Consideration’s lost to conglomerate banks;
Insinuation brews, on the day we give thanks.

Like cattle to the slaughter, they line up in the horde,
They're mindless and behind the thought of infestation.
Rushing through the doors, crushing people on the floor,
As their gouging out your eyes for a liquidation.

Lumbering through life, the lowest demographic
Like a dodgy greyhound bus in the rush hour traffic.
Kick out the social ladders from under their feet,
When they’re climbing to the top, treating people like dead meat.

Dead behind the eyes, an act of ill repute,
When an angry mob descends, they'll kill the tree to eat the fruit.
Their silly putty minds are a sad detraction;
Force-fed by the media inspires distraction.

The redline of humanity starts to flash,
with no one behind the wheel, we brace ourselves,
prepared to crash.

Chorus 2
(Ugly Public, Ugly Public, Ugly Public)
Watch in fascination…
(Ugly Public, Ugly Public, Ugly Public)
Swallowing temptations…
(Ugly Public, Ugly Public, Ugly Public)
We’re YOUR god’s creation…
(Ugly Public, Ugly Public, Ugly Public)
On your radio stations…

The taste of ‘Murica is bitter on the tongue,
When our sense and sensibility asks us:

Chorus 3
(Ugly Public, Ugly Public, Ugly Public)
Free thought castration…
(Ugly Public, Ugly Public, Ugly Public)
Subconscious starvation …
(Ugly Public, Ugly Public, Ugly Public)
This is your fixation …
(Ugly Public, Ugly Public, Ugly Public)


released November 13, 2016
Kryssie Crisis: Vocals
Jamie Booth: Guitars; Gang Vox
Mike Skull: Bass; Gang Vox
Colin Holmes: Drums

(special guest appearance on gang vox by Dan Precision of 88 Fingers Louie)

written by Evil Engine
produced by Dan Precision
recorded and mastered at Bombshelter Studios; 2016



all rights reserved


Evil Engine Chicago, Illinois

Kryssie "Crisis" Ridolfi (of DEADMANSWAKE) has teamed up with Mike Skull, Jamie Booth, and Colin Holmes to bring you a myriad of punk reminiscent of the early California "skate punk" sound; from the "Suffer era" of bad Religion to more contemporary first wave and Oi! bands in the likes of Cocksparrer, Slaughter and the Dogs and Stiff Little Fingers, with a metal edge of Motörhead and Anthrax. ... more

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